How do I login to the Hosting Control Panel?

To login to your Control Panel for your Reseller or Domain-level Hosting Account, you can:

  1. login to your Client Portal at
    a. Once you have logged into your client portal/client area, click on "Services" then "My Services"
    b. You will see a list of your packages
    c. Next select "View Details" button next to the package you want to make changes. This button will be on the RIGHT side of the package details

  2. Once you are inside of the package you will see a button that states "Login to Control Panel" towards the bottom of the package details

  3. You will then see different sections separated by tabs.  Click on the task you want to do here.

    OR FOR PLESK USERS (If you have never heard of this, then you are not a Plesk USER here at Argon.
  4. go to, replacing the "" with your specific domain name (NOTE: This shortcut only works if your account is on a Plesk-enabled server)

As always, if you just can't get it, give us a call at 1-888-279-8621.


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