I can get to other websites, but not ours.

This problem can be a number of issues and can affect not only accessing your domain, but also sending and receiving emails as well as accessing your webmail feature.

Things to check:

1. Has your domain expired?
2. What Nameservers are attached to your domain? (You can check this with you domain registrar)
3. Has it been over 48 hours since you purchased and setup the domain in your control panel?
4. Are you able to perform a successful trace route to our servers?

If you are able to access other websites on the internet and not yours and it is over 48 hours, you may want to check with your domain registrar to ensure that the correct nameservers are attached to your domain.

Also, it is not out of the question for your local ISP to have your DNS records cached to the wrong location. Try contacting them to see if they use to handle your domain name and email, if so, ask them to clear the DNS zone records so that you can access your domain via another hosting provider.

If you are still experiencing problems and have explored the avenues above, open a support ticket and we will be glad to troubleshoot with you to locate and help correct your problem.

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